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Ladies rearrange the vase!
After a good 11-0 win over Aztecs (thanks to Don Cortez and the smallpox virus for inspiration) the ladies 1s travelled to sunny Liverpool for their second round EH Vase match against Liverpool University 1s. After a swift calculation we noted the average age of our team to be approx 30, (had to take socks off) we agreed (well I did) that experience would have to be the difference between the sides. And so it proved. In an exciting second half we pulled back to 3-3 and looked set for a win when a lucky (ish) short corner was well saved by Zoe only for the ball to ricochet back (off a loose hubcap!) to a Liverpudlian stick which slotted home for what they expected to be the winner. But not so fast Cilla, 330 years experience on the pitch and 45 on the sidelines was not to be denied. A swift midfield attack was thwarted by a Liverpudlian foot, and as the lass knocked the ball away cynically, a yellow card was brandished. While they argued, Faye took a quick self pass and drove into the D and we slotted the equaliser with a couple of minutes left on the clock. With our tails up, Liz Abba combined with Jo down the left flank and a firm cross was put away by Liz Taylder for what could have been the winner. The 'Liverish' ladies knocked the ball rather too firmly back for the restart, and it rolled the length of the pitch into the dry leaves at our end of the pitch. Naomi and I were the only ones to notice this as the rest of the team were busy kissing and yelling and ignoring my request to "calm down, calm down". Naomi sportingly went to retrieve the ball but walked so slowly that three of the students had graduated before she had found it just a few seconds prior to the final whistle. I was right - experience counts!
The oppo slinked away to leave us alone on the pitch, so we had to make our own hockey teas on the way home - even a horse burger at Sandback Services couldn't dent the excitement of a great win. However, I have been asked to run in the 3:30 at Kempton Park next week.
Well done ladies for a brilliant example of what makes this such a great hockey club. Geoff.